Luke Freeman

4th Degree Black Belt, Purple Belt in BJJ.

In 1999 my son started training with George I said in my son’s class and took notes so he could practice in late Spring of 2000 we went to the 2000 mastery test were George was testing for his and received his 4th degree ranking shortly after returning during one of my sons classes George walked by me and dropped a uniform in my lap and said I expect to see you in class soon so at 49 years old I became a weight belt training 3 martial classes and to cardio K classes a week after training for a while he handed me a key and told me to lock up when I left through my journey I have earned a purple belt rank and BJJ and a first degree black belt in gold you shorey weapons and a 4th degree in was coast world martial arts And teach using a cane for self defense the cane is a tool you can take anywhere