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Flipz N’ Trix


“Flipz n Trix” is an exciting and fun program for your child. We will teach each child depending on their age, aptitude, experience, attention span, etc. Children learn in a disciplined but fun environment. This is not a play around class so their skills, focus and athleticism are greatly enhanced. We really focus on them learning technique and increasing comprehension and coordination. That is our professional staff`s #1 goal. It’s a great way to get in shape and stay in shape and it is Fun, Safe and Exciting! 

Our long term goal is to help them develop sound basics and have fun doing it. They start at Level 1 and depending on each students ability and effort they can achieve Level 2 and beyond. They will continue to grow and excel with new drills and techniques along with being part of a more advanced group with older kids eventually. Here we can take their training even to another level of fun, excitement and learning.

We offer a clean, well equipped, state of the art facility for you and your family. 7000+ sq. ft. of heated/ Air conditioned comfort, Olympic mats wall to wall, showers and lockers, a hospitality room for parents and kids with Wi-Fi, and huge main floor that is spotlessly cleaned and sanitized daily for your protection and safety.  We are an Official Registered Douglas County “Safe Place” for kids too.

Our Hospitality room has windows all around so you can see your kids and they can see you while you observe. It is complete with Wi-Fi for parents who want to relax and surf the internet and enjoy a FREE cup of coffee while they wait and for those of us who need access to get their work done while waiting for their child’s class to end.  Kids can watch their favorite shows and cartoons on our TV and comfortable couches. There are usually other kids to play with while you parents train as well. There are snacks, drinks and juices for sale as well as the FREE Coffee for parents.

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We have a 40 Ft Air Tumble Trac Trampoline and another Trampoline in the floor which we use in our daily “Flipz n Trix” classes. We have many other pads and props, Rings and Ropes, Backflip Harnesses, and Padded walls, etc. We combine Acrobatics, Gymnastics and performing arts taught with an emphasis on proper technical form and strength development.

Our Instructors have years of experience and will conduct classes with the safety of students as a #1 priority along with their assistants. Motivation, goal setting and life skills also help kids prepare for the challenges of today. Kids improve school grades and learn to focus energy more constructively. Any child who can at least focus and pay attention for 45 minutes may participate.

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to ask any Instructor about the program or teaching methods so that we can help you to understand the goals and direction of your student. Respect must always be shown for Instructors and fellow students.